Become A Certified Attraction Consultant

Let Cynthia Daldalian mentor you into becoming a Certified Attraction Consultant. In one month, you will:

  • Learn how to help men become more attractive and desirable
  • Learn how to run a profitable business as an attraction coach
  • Earn around $2,000 through assignments you perform for the workshop
  • Get assigned paying clients in your city after you get certified



She is one of the first people to take Cynthia's workshop as a trial during summer 2015 before it was available on the website. Within 2 weeks, she had her first client. Now, she helps 2 or 3 clients a week, she has paid off most of her student loans, and is living very comfortably.

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Cynthia's Workshop and Certification Program

The workshop is one of a kind. Nowhere else can a woman learn the principles and skills of being an Attraction Consultant. The course program that Cynthia offers is unique, effective, and relevant to what men need help with, and what a women can offer. The workshop was developed by Cynthia based on more than 5 years of experience being an Attraction Coach, and based on a very successful trial run in 2015 where 27 young women in the USA and Canada took the workshop online to determine how effective it was. The success rate was 100%. After less than 3 months, all 27 women were making a high income, and, equally important, the feedback from the men they helped was 100% positive.


Workshop Requirements


The workshop is exclusive. Even if it is online, enrollment is limited. Cynthia reviews every application individually and selects the applicants she knows will make great Attraction Consultants. This is to ensure that the program maintains its high reputation and standards. To qualify, the applicant must meet the following requirements:

  • Female, 18 years or older
  • Sociable and friendly
  • Positive and helpful
  • Confident and outgoing personality
  • Very good communication skills
  • Well-networked

In addition, each applicant must agree that, after she graduates, she is willing to accept at least 5 clients referred to her by Cynthia. Cynthia will pay you US$400 per day to meet with these clients on her behalf.


Workshop Details

  • The workshop is online through this website and consists of 20 lessons, reading material, and assignments
  • Each lesson has a graded assignment to ensure you know the material well. Most lessons take 3-5 hours to complete (including the assignment)
  • Typically, you can complete the workshop in about a month (one lesson per week day). However, you can work at your own pace and take up to 2 months to complete it
  • Cynthia and her assistants are available to answer any questions you have and help you with the course material or assignments
  • You need to pass all assignments to get certified


Course Curriculum

  • Fashion and style for men
  • Understanding the needs of different women and how a man can meet these needs to be more attractive to her
  • Preparing goals and strategies for men
  • Reputation management for men
  • Communicating effectively
  • Self-promotion
  • Finding and managing clients


Workshop Benefits

  • You learn how to setup a business helping men become more attractive to the women who interest them
  • You receive a Certification as an Attraction Consultant. Cynthia guarantees your qualifications!
  • Upon graduation, Cynthia offers you all the tools you need to start running you business as a consultant right away, including your own website and promotion tools
  • Cynthia will send you clients from your city
  • Cynthia sends you regular updates about her experiences to keep your skills honed




Cynthia offers her workshop FOR FREE to most applicants. Cynthia herself is willing to invest in you and finance your tuition fees for this workshop. This is conditional on you agreeing to help some clients in your city on behalf of Cynthia.



Fill out the form below if you are interested in becoming a Certified Attraction Consultant. Cynthia will review your application personally and will contact you with detailed information and to answer your questions.

By clicking on the above button, you agree to allow Cynthia or one of her assistants to contact you and send you emails. All communication is strictly confidential and your privacy is guaranteed by the privacy policy of this website. Your email address will never be shared. Cynthia reserves the right to accept or deny any application at her sole discretion.



  • What happens after I complete the application?
    An application is reviewed carefully to make sure that you qualify and that you are very likely to succeed. Cynthia accepts a very limited number of applicants every month to ensure that she has enough time to assist them as well as take care of her usual business. Depending on Cytnhia's schedule at this time, it could take up to 2-5 days for her to review the application. After that, she or one of her assistants will contact you to discuss it!
  • How long is the workshop?
    The course is typically 1-month long, and can take up to 2 months if you prefer to go at a slower pace.
  • How do I take the course?
    This is an online course. You receive the study material through your user account on our website and you submit your assignments online as well.
  • Is the study material easy to follow?
    The course was designed specifically with the help of education experts to follow a practical approach to learning. Each topic comes with a practical assignment to make sure you learn through fun hands-on experience. For example, the topic covering men's style requires you to work with a man of your choice and help him achieve a new style that improves his attraction based on what you learned.
  • How is it possible for me to earn money while taking the course?
    Some assignments require you to work with a client and get paid for the advice you offer. This is part of the hands-on training and helps prepare you for running a profitable business after you complete the course. The course material will guide you on how to get clients, and payments are processed through the website to make it easy for you. A typical student makes, on average, around $2,000 from the assignments of the course. The money is yours and is credited to your account.
  • What happens after I complete the workshop?
    If you complete all your assignments successfully and demonstrate motivation (almost everyone does), you will receive your certification as an Attraction Consultant for Men. In addition, Cynthia offers you online tools (like a profile on the website) so it is easy for you to start your business right away because you have a place to refer clients where they can see you, interact with you, and submit their payment. Also, Cynthia will send you clients from your city. They are usually clients who contacted Cynthia, but Cynthia is unable to meet them personally. You agree to work with 5 of these clients at a rate of $400 per day. Cynthia will continue to send you clients after that if you want.