Become Attractive

This is what Cynthia does best - she helps men become more attractive and appealing to women.

Her passionate, gentle, and personal approach is famous for helping men overcome obstacles they face when dating or trying to attract the right woman.

"For me it's about doing what I love and having fun. I have a wonderful time when I am with a gentleman and helping him realize his potential. It's like being on a first date all happy and excited!"
- Cynthia




On October 29, Josh walked up to the beautiful Meaghan and asked her out. They have been dating passionately since then. This was possible only because Cynthia made Josh attractive enough for Meaghan, and gave him the courage and confidence he needed to approach her.

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How Cynthia Helps

Josh had trouble finding his ideal partner. He was good at making friends, but the women he liked were not interested in him romantically. He reached a point where he was too embarassed to ask women out any more.

Then, he contacted Cynthia and everything changed. The chatted many times over the phone and by email until Cynthia and John got to know each other very well. She knew exactly what he wanted, what his goals were, what kind of women he liked, what he can offer them, and what he needs. Josh understood the extend of the effort Cynthia was willing to go to help him, and he appreciated and trusted her for that.

Now Cynthia had all the information she needed and got working with her team. She envisioned the personality Josh needed to be appealing to the kind of women he wanted to attract. The way he should look, the way he should behave, and the attitude he needs. At the same time, this personality was based on who he really is, so he did not need to change. She created an image that fits the personality, what he should wear, how he should look, how he should stand and walk and behave. Simple gestures and behaviors that make a very big difference. She hired a PR firm to promote Josh so that when someone looked him up in Google, they would surely be impressed.

When Cynthia and Josh finally met, they knew each other so well that it was like two old friends meeting. Josh was completely at ease. They spent the whole day together. They went shopping for new clothes for Josh to fit the style of his new personality. They talked, they had fun, and all the time Cynthia was casually guiding Josh into adopting the new behaviors and attitude she wanted for him. She made it fun for him and corrected him here and there when needed. By the time they went out to dinner, Josh already looked and behaved differently, and it was all natural to him now. He didn't have anything to memorize, he didn't have to act, he didn't have to pretend to be someone else. He could see the difference in himself already. He felt like a new person and this gave him confidence and courage. Cynthia offered to help him meet a woman of his dreams, but Josh was now comfortable and confident enough to do it on his own.

And he did! Less than two weeks later, while walking to a business meeting in downtown Toronto, he saw a beautiful women walking close by. He remembered how comfortable he was with Cynthia and easily smiled at the woman and asked her name. Meaghan. And the rest is history.



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