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Meet Cynthia!

Cynthia is a 26 year old socialite based in Toronto. She is best known for being North America's leading Attraction Coach.

Her passionate, gentle, and personal approach is famous for helping men overcome obstacles they face when dating or trying to attract the right woman.

"For me it's about doing what I love and having fun. I have a wonderful time when I am with a gentleman and helping him realize his potential. It's like being on a first date all happy and excited!"
- Cynthia


Cynthia has worked with clients in cities across the USA and Canada and regularly receives invitations to attend special events.



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The amazing thing is that there doesn't seem to be a "method" she tries to make you use. Like I've read all the books, Mystery Method, Ross Jeffries (Speed Seduction), Neil Strauss (The Game), Vin Di Carlo. Every time I try to use one of these techniques I simply fail because it's just not me. They all try to change you and promise you you'll be the most confident and assertive and charistmatic man out there when in fact it doesn't work for someone like me. With Cynthia it's different. There is no method or technique or lecture or something to learn. She made the effort to know me and spend time with me. She made me feel very comfortable and I had so much fun. She took me shopping for clothes and shoes, we talked and laughed, she introduced me to some women, she guided me into what to do and how to act, and at the end I was like wow, I spent a whole day with her and we both actually had a lot of fun. What's stopping me from being like this with someone else? Nothing!

Richard H., New York City

A day with Cynthia was like the perfect date with the most beautiful woman. She put me so much at ease that I now have no fear approaching women and having fun with them. Just after 1 day.

Jay S., Toronto

Cynthia you're the best! 2 days after meeting with you, I casually walked up to Meaghan and we talked and now we're dating!

Norm A., Toronto

Over the years I signed up for most dating sites and several matchmaking services. Spent 1000's of dollars with no good results. My problem was not meeting women, it was what happens after and how to be attractive and interesting to them. I recently spent 2 days with Cynthia and she helped me overcome whatever it was that was holding me back. I no longer see women as an enemy or as a prey. It's just natural and I'm comfortable being myself and that works.

AJ O., Miami